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Healthy Fruit Snacks (5 ingredients & refined sugar-free)

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

The commercial "fruit snacks" actually don't contain that much fruit and are also filled with high fructose corn syrup, lots of added sugar, and lots of added dyes and preservatives that you just don't need.

These Healthy Fruit Snacks are made with 5 simple ingredients and are refined sugar free! They are also a fun way to get your kids helping you in the kitchen!!

RECIPE Healthy Fruit Snacks (5 ingredients and refined sugar-free)


Raspberry Gummies

1 ¼ cup organic berries of choice (fresh or frozen) if using frozen be sure to thaw before making (I used raspberries)

½ c fruit juice with no added sugar ( I used cranberry pomegranate)

3 TBSP raw honey

Blueberry Grape Gummies

1 c organic blueberries (fresh or frozen) if using frozen be sure to thaw before making)

½ c organic grape juice with no added sugar

3 TBSP raw honey

Juice from 1 lime


  1. Start by putting your berries to a saucepan with the fruit juice, and grass-fed gelatin.

  2. Let the gelatin “bloom” for 2-3 minutes before turning on the stove. Add your raw honey and lime juice (if your doing the blueberry gummies)

  3. Now turn the heat to medium-low and cook the berries and juice mixture until the gelatin is dissolved. It doesn’t need to get that hot, just until the mixture is warm and the gelatin has been dissolved.

  4. Once the gelatin has been dissolved pour the mixture through a mesh strainer to get all the seeds out.

  5. Now take the droppers or a spoon and fill up your silicone molds. These dinosaur molds are the ones I used.

  6. Place in the fridge for 30 minutes until set. Then pop them out of your molds and your good to go! They are easy and delicious and your kids will love them!!


This is the part that gets fun, you can mix and match fruit, and flavors. You can use just about any kind of liquid you’d like. Be creative, you can use a juicer or a blender to blend well together before heating it up with the gelatin on the stove.


3 commentaires

This is a.great idea I love it and definetely will try it to see if my daughter likes them, beats candy at any occasion.


Sara Ross
Sara Ross
12 janv. 2019

My kids LOVE fruit snacks. I have always been a little afraid of making my own. But your recipe is so simple!! I would much rather have a more real food fruit snack option.


Lyndsey Borden
Lyndsey Borden
11 janv. 2019

I seriously need to make some homemade gummies. My kids love fruit snacks but I hate most of the ingredients that are in them! These look simple and yummy.

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