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Diy Bar Soap

Everyone uses soap, and this fun DIY soap project is easy, and affordable using all natural, organic ingredients you can feel good about.


Diy Lip Balm

My friends and family are always begging me to make these homemade diy lip balms every year. They are affordable, easy and so fun to make!

Spa Setting

Diy Lotion Sticks

As we get further into the winter season dry skin can become a huge problem, but these diy lotions sticks will help to fix that problem in no time. Using high quality organic ingredients and my favorite essential oils, you'll want to make these every year!


Diy Clean Toothpaste

This DIY Clean Toothpaste will leave your mouth feeling clean and fresh without any harmful additives or color, just clean ingredients for a healthy mouth


Diy Soothing Shower Melts

These DIY Shower Melts give you a refreshing shower with the most amazing smells. It will turn your shower into a therapeutic day at the spa. These are made with natural and organic ingredients and come together in a few easy steps!


Diy Antibacterial Ointment

My daughter recently got 5 stitches on her chin, after the stitches were out I made this antibiotic ointment to ensure that their would be no scaring and that their were no harsh chemicals in the ointment. It works great and I keep some in my first aid kit now.


Diy Hand Lotion

The Diy Hand Lotion will leave your skin feeling soft and gentle without any harsh chemicals like most over the counter lotions. It's so creamy and smells like a geranium flower. 


Diy Foundation Powder

This Diy Face Powder takes minutes to make and will save you half the cost of what you normally pay at the beauty supply store. It's made with clean, natural ingredients, including ingredients from your kitchen. 


Luxury Hotel Spa Collection

Diy Luxurious Bath Bombs


Do you love taking a hot bath at the end of the day to unwind and relax? These Diy Luxurious Bath bombs will help you do just that. That don't have any harsh chemicals and are natural and organic so you can feel good about relaxing and taking time for yourself.

*Coming Soon

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