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Starcraft 2 Collector's Edition Content Torrent




Includes a 1-month-only (unlimited online time) *™ World of Warcraft trial account with log-in. Requires an Internet connection. See Account preferences for additional usage and usage restrictions. Includes 1 month (unlimited online time) trial account. $15.99 purchase option allowed.  Meet Baby Thor, a miniature hero born of World of Warcraft®: Legion™. From the moment he arrives in your party, his cute and cuddly aura of goodness will comfort and help your adventurers through their adventures.  As Baby Thor grows, so will your character, unlocking new skills and battle tactics. Take your baby with you as you adventure through the seas of Outland and beyond. * World of Warcraft subscription and game acquirer services (sold separately) are required for access to downloadable content. Please visit for additional information. Key FEATURES: ● Downloadable content can be added through a . B Account. Free trial account can be used with . B Account only. ● Earn points through in-game play and redeem them for mystery coupons, unique in-game items, or real-world currency. ● Take Baby Thor with you to battle new enemies, bosses and adventure. ● Unlock new abilities and battle tactics as Baby Thor grows. WARNING: This app is intended for use by adults only. Minimum age: 13 years. May contain in-game items that can be acquire by paying real money. Consult with your au thor for additional game content and information. Your au thor must be




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Starcraft 2 Collector's Edition Content Torrent

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