Jalapeno Season Salt

This is a really fun way that I used up the remaining jalapenos from my garden before the frost came, this jalapeno salt will add a spicy kick to all your dishes!


Jalapeno Salt


1-2 lbs organic jalapenos

1 c Real Salt


  1. Start by washing your jalapenos, then cut off the stems and half them. (If you want the jalapeno salt to be spicy then leave the seeds, if you want a more mild salt then scrape the seeds out

  2. Set them on your dehydrator and set the dehydrator to 145 for 15 hours (each dehydrator is different so see directions on your dehydrator for times and degrees)

  3. Once the jalapenos are all dried, (they should be really brittle and crisp) then put in a high speed blender with your salt, blend until it’s very fine.

Then sprinkle on your favorite foods like salads, dips, dressing, chicken, you could put it on anything really!

*Use organic ingredients when feasible


  • Wear gloves while your cutting the jalapenos so you don’t accidentally rub your eyes and then they burn badly

  • Dehydrate these outside if possible or in another room because they give a strong smell and can be irritating at times.

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