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Instant Pot Chicken Salad

February 6, 2019

These Instant Pot Chicken Salad Wraps can be thrown together in no time and are great for on-the-go lunches! We used them last week when we were traveling and it made for an easy lunch/dinner. They are made with ingredients you probably already have on hand and your kids and family with love them too!

RECIPE Instant Pot Chicken Salad Wraps


3-4 organic medium chicken breasts

½ c chopped celery

½ c chopped small cherry tomatoes (optional)

½ c dried cranberries (with no added sugar)

¾ c sliced almonds

1 c mayonnaise-use this recipe

1 TBSP dried dill

1 TBSP dried green onions

2 tsp sea salt

1 tsp pepper

8-10 tortillas, lettuce, or bread


  1. Start by cooking your chicken, I like to use the instant pot to cook it and then I shred it with my kitchen-aid stand-mixer. You can cook it on the stove if you don’t have an IP.

  2. If you’re using your IP you add your chicken to the pot with 1 cup of water or broth. Set the valve to sealing and set the timer to 12 minutes on normal pressure. When it’s done do a quick release.

  3. While the chicken is cooking you can chop your celery and cherry tomatoes.

  4. You can then take your chicken out of the pot and shred it with your kitchen-aid stand-mixer. Or you can simply shred it by hand inside the pot. Shred until it’s the consistency that you want.

  5. Then add your mayonnaise, vegetables, spices, cranberries, and almonds to the bowl. Mix well until incorporated together.

  6. Put in the fridge for a few hours, I like to eat it cold but if you prefer it warm then dig in!

  7. Place on your tortillas or bread, or lettuce wraps and enjoy!

*Use organic ingredients when feasible


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